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Is INI portability option gone?

Midas - Sun 15/11/2015 20:25:51 CET +0100

After Kitty v0.65.0.0 (at least) the option to set "savemode=dir" in kitty.ini for the vanilla executable (not the portable build) doesn't completely work, as the program will create namesake folders in %APPDATA% and %LOCALAPPDATA%...

It was working in previous versions. Why did this change?

Midas - Wed 30/12/2015 13:20:10 CET +0100

Am I missing something here?

Midas - Wed 30/12/2015 13:22:51 CET +0100

For more detail, see ...

Cyd - Wed 30/12/2015 13:58:44 CET +0100

I did not reproduce it (neither with portable binary or classic one with savemode=dir).

Cyd - Wed 30/12/2015 14:02:43 CET +0100

Contact me (see menu above) to send me a dump of your configuration.


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