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nested folders

Neil - Tue 13/02/2018 18:18:42 CET +0100


Would it be too much to ask for a nested folders feature? You know, folders within folders? An example might be a customerName folder with sub-folders for prod, dev, qa, etc.

Also, how about having the folders in the Saved Sessions window so you could drill down, and back up, with mouse clicks, not the folder drop-down.



gregket1 - Thu 26/07/2018 01:51:32 CEST +0200

That works fine in kitty-Portable 70.0.3 and above. I have a top-level folder for each site with sub-folders within for routers, switches, etc, with individual session configs in each sub-folder.

Benefit to using kitty-portable is that you can reorganize your folder structure for Kitty just by using windows to reorganize the files and folders within the ....\Kitty\Sessions folder.

Przemyslaw Sztoch - Thu 18/10/2018 20:44:04 CEST +0200

Why files in Sessions folder are without extension?!
It will be nice to doubleclick file in Windows Explorer to open session.

Default%20Settings file should be used as source of default values.
If we have not got entry for key in session file, Kitty should use value from Default%20Settings.
In example - I put in my Default Settings entry:

And in other session I want to delete entry for Font, TermHeight...


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