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Command line for setting background color

manu - Mon 25/06/2018 09:22:24 CEST +0200


I use the command-line start of KiTTY a lot of times. The reason is because I start it from other "launcher" Apps (Total Commander, mRemoteNG, KeePass, etc.). Futhermore, the "best" option (in my opinion) to fast identify a session is with the "Background Color".

So, I request to add one command-line option for setting the RGB Background color. For example with:

$ KiTTY.exe -bgcolor R:G:B

Where R,G,B are decimal numbers betweem 0-255.

You agree?

manu - Tue 03/07/2018 12:30:04 CEST +0200

Hi Cyd!

It's hard to implement this?

I really like to have some commandline option for setting something "graphical" to identify different sessions (opened from the commandline, as I know how to do it when using Saved Sessions).

I hope you consider this "small" suggestion.
Thank you!

Cyd - Thu 12/07/2018 21:56:32 CEST +0200

Can you test this beta build:

manu - Fri 13/07/2018 11:45:28 CEST +0200

Hi Cyd,

It works like a charm! ;-)

Thank you!

manu - Fri 13/07/2018 12:35:23 CEST +0200

Hi Cyd,

I found a side effect with this BETA!!!
     The foreground and background colors of text are changed.

Do this test:

- Open regular KiTTY, and change ONLY this option in the UI: Window/Colours -> Default Background and change to 28:0:28. Then open the session introducing the IP of the target. When the connecting is stablished you see that the background over text is the same as the rest. OK.
- Do the same test with the BETA: The color of the text and his background is different.

This appears even without using the command-line. Futhermore, with the saved sessions.
So, I rollback to the stock version until you fix it.
Regarding the command-line parameter it works... but now all text colors are wrong.


Cyd - Sun 15/07/2018 19:46:15 CEST +0200

In the beta build I've tried to make 2 modifications:
- yours (-bgcolor R:G:B)
- a merge to be able to manage true colors:;a=commit;h=a4cbd3dfdb71d258e83bbf5b03a874c06d0b3106
I think the second one did the new issue.
I've revert it.
Please download the beta again.

manu - Mon 16/07/2018 09:06:14 CEST +0200

Hi Cyd,

The new beta works perfect. Thank you!

marco - Fri 26/10/2018 22:01:40 CEST +0200

Hi... has this feature ever made it to productive release? If no, any plans?

manu - Mon 12/11/2018 15:11:16 CET +0100

Hi marco,

It works in last *release*!

I'm using it for a long time. ;)


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