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Pass "Compression" flag to WinSCP

manu - Mon 12/11/2018 15:14:57 CET +0100


The option "Open with WinSCP" is amazing. However, when I use it with a SSH connection with COMPRESSION enabled, it's expected to open the WinSCP session using compression too. However, at time this is not true. The compression flag isn't passed at any time.

Can you fix this?
Thank you!

manu - Fri 16/11/2018 12:03:29 CET +0100


I make a "workaround" until it will be implemented. I share here if someone likes to use it:

- Create a WinSCP.BAT file in the same path of WinSCP.exe with this content:

START /B C:\_full_path_of_your_winscp_\WinSCP.exe %* /rawsettings Compression=1

- Change in the Configuration of KiTTY to point to "WINSCP.BAT" instead of "WINSCP.EXE".

With this, all connections with the WinSCP tool will be with compression ON. Not the best, but a partial solution.

I hope the developer will like to include some line like: "if (compression) { add_to_rawsettings_winscp("Compression=1"); }



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