KiTTY : News

Last modification : -

KiTTY : - Memory leak fix

Cyd - Oct 29th, 2014

* Bug fix: memory leak into auto-password management feature

* New feature: pause can be included into port knocking sequence

KiTTY : - Windows Seven improvment

Cyd - Oct 17th, 2014

* New feature: jumplist managment in portable mode

* Patch integration:

* Improvment: it is not possible to create a folder called "Default" anymore

* Bug fix: forcer l'option -scp au lancement de la commande pscp (intégration avec scp)

* Bug fix: anti-deconnection delay modifcation

* Bug fix: the property Window/Colours/Indicate bolded text by changing was not saved

* Bug fix: memory leak fix when closing configuration box in a running session

KiTTY : - Minor bugs fixes

Cyd - Sep 8th, 2014

* New option -kload is now available in plink.exe

* New default regex to try to avoid memory leak in hyperlink patch

* New pre-build binary without hyperlink patch

* "No ini file" message is now removed from klink.exe (portable mode)

* Bug fix: password entred interactively was not saved into configuration settings structure

* Bug fix: -pass option did not work anymore (from version)

KiTTY : & - Major release with new features

Cyd - Aug 26th, 2014

* new feature: password, now can be empty in SSH protocol

* new feature: mouse events are disabled in protected mode (ctrl+F9)

* new feature: new menu item "Export current settings" to save the running session settings into a .ktx file

* new feature: new "-kload" command-line option to load a session from a .ktx file

* new feature: new "-fileassoc" command-line option to associate .ktx files with KiTTY

* new feature: password field are now encrypted in memory config structure

* bug fix: PSCP.exe path was not detected in portable mode (even if set in kitty.ini file)

* bug fix: in background image patch, memory leak in strech function

* bug fix: memory leak error in internal command feature

* bug fix: in hyperlink patch, user-made regex was not used, and replace by default one

* bug fix: HyperlinkRegularExpression setting was written twice in session file in portable mode

* hyperlink patch is disabled by default (suspected memory leak into the external regex library)

* ... and back to the original icon

KiTTY : - The FIFA world cup version ;-)

Cyd - Jun 20th, 2014

* bug fix in Window/Appearance panel: Top et Left were pointing on the same value

* bug fix in Window/Appearance panel: xpos and ypos initial values can be defined outside the main screen

* bug fix in kageant: saved sessions menu was not available

* ... and just for fun, a version with a football main icon

KiTTY : - The working day version

Cyd - May 1st, 2014

* New feature: It is now possible to set a port knocking sequence in connection panel (tested with knockd)

* New feature: Auto reconnection delay is now configurable

* Bug fix: CTRL+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT keyboard sequences did not work

* Bug fix: Since the previous update, login script feature in portable mode did not work anymore

* Bug fix: mouse scrolling with a huge value in "Lines of scrollback" causes a crash

* Feature modification: new "port forwarding" information window

KiTTY : - New features and bug fixes

Cyd - Mar 19th, 2014

* Parts of the TuTTY patch is added

** you can now disable maximize, minimize and close button from system menu

** you can now select a different font for underline characters, and mouse selected characters

* A new comment field is added

* New mecanism for login script feature: the file content is loaded when the session is saved. The original file can now be deleted

* Bug fixe: the window in the task bar did not flash when receiving a BELL code

* New 0.63 big bang bug fix: key authentication without running agent did not work

KiTTY : - Happy new year

Cyd - Jan 10th, 2014

* Performance improvment in kitty.exe (patch

* Performance improvment in ksftp.exe (

* New feature: switch between KiTTY windows with CTRL+TAB

* New feature: the working directory, the config directory and the content of KITTY_PATH variable are appended to the PATH variable environment (used to search for third part softwares such as winscp.exe)

* New feature: search for the the configuration file in the KITTY_INI_FILE environment variable

* New patch integration: wincrypt (from to work with certificate

* bug fix: window title should not be set to cfg.wintitle value when restoring from task bar

* hyperlink patch is converted from C++ to C

KiTTY : - New features and bug fixes

Cyd - Oct 11th, 2013

* Add 64bits compatibility for the cygterm patch

* Add a new MouseShortcutsFlag option to disable mouse shortcuts

* Add a new AutoStoreSSHKeyFlag option (and a -auto_store_sshkey flag for klink) to auto save the server SSH keys

* Add the new version of regex library (memory leak issue with previous one)

* Fix the -cygterm command-line flag

* Fix a Zmodem patch issue

* Disable Hyperlink patch by default

KiTTY : - Bug fixes

Cyd - Sep 19th, 2013

* the logon script size was static (the buffer size was 4096). It is dynamic, now.

* the transparency setting panel was available even when the transparency option was off

* the KEYMAPPINGPORT patch ( is included

* at automatic telnet connection, the login was sent twice