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KiTTY : - ConEmu bug fix

Cyd - Nov 16th, 2016

* bug fix: delay (40ms) between two port knocking

* bug fix: in portable mode: at first install there is a message to say the host keys directory does not exist

* New option in kitty.ini file: PSCPOptions to specify kscp.exe parameters

* Upgrade to GNU GCC 5.3.0 compiler (Windows versions before Windows Vista are not supported anymore)

KiTTY : - 0.67-20160922 PuTTY merge

Cyd - Oct 10th, 2016

* Merge with dev 0.67-20160922 PuTTY version

* bug fix: crash in portable mode if Default%20Settings file is empty

* new feature: when the connection is lost the window title is not "PuTTY (inactive)" anymmore. (inactive) is added at the end of the window title

KiTTY : - Hollyday bug fix

Cyd - Aug 29th, 2016

* new feature: new option in Connection/SSH tab to send file in current directory directly, with drag'n drop

* bug fix: saved password works now in session without hostname

* new option: "alreadyRunCheck" to allow more than one launcher

KiTTY : - Hollyday build

Cyd - Jun 22th, 2016

* bug fix: hyperlink feature was broken after Japanese characters

* bug fix: -sendcmd command-line option did not work with special characters (ex: \x03)

KiTTY : - Bug fix

Cyd - Jun 13th, 2016

* bug fix: memory allocation issue in error messaging function

KiTTY : - ADB Support

Cyd - Jun 7th, 2016

* new feature: ADB implementation from PuTTYTray fork

KiTTY : - new bug fixes

Cyd - May 10th, 2016

* new feature: starting ADB implementation from PuTTYTray fork

* improvment: new menu option to run port knocking sequence

* improvment: new option in ConfigBox section from configuration file in order not to create default session "Default Settings": defaultsettings=no

* bug fix: new command line parameters -keygen and -runagent in portable mode

* bug fix: SCPORT feature removed

* bug fix: password when session was run from config box with empty session name did not work

* bug fix: in classic mode session with [ in the name can't be deleted

* bug fix: no reconnection on keypressed with shift control alt win

KiTTY : - bug fixes on 0.67 Update

Cyd - Mar 21th, 2016

* bug fix: unexpected message about sessions directory creation on startup in portable mode

* improvment: no automatic reconnection on alt, shift, control, tab, fonction keys, arrows, mouseup, doubleclick

* improvment: new kitty.ini option autoreconnect=yes|no

KiTTY : - 0.67 Update

Cyd - Mar 18th, 2016

* merge with the 0.67 PuTTY version

* bug fix: Unexpected message "Unable to create directory ..." with launcher in portable mode

KiTTY : - Minor update

Cyd - Mar 3rd, 2016

* bug fix: in portable mode, new messages on error when trying to create working directories

* bug fix: new message on error when creating default kitty.ini file

* bug fix: new mapping for {HOME} and {END} keys

* bug fix: login script is played again on automatic reconnection

* improvment: reconnection on keypressed or mouseclick is not considered as an automatic reconnection anymore

* improvment: new max delay for icon flash in system tray on BELL signal reception