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KiTTY : - The FIFA world cup version ;-)

Cyd - Jun 20th, 2014

* bug fix in Window/Appearance panel: Top et Left were pointing on the same value

* bug fix in Window/Appearance panel: xpos and ypos initial values can be defined outside the main screen

* bug fix in kageant: saved sessions menu was not available

* ... and just for fun, a version with a football main icon

KiTTY : - The working day version

Cyd - May 1st, 2014

* New feature: It is now possible to set a port knocking sequence in connection panel (tested with knockd)

* New feature: Auto reconnection delay is now configurable

* Bug fix: CTRL+LEFT and CTRL+RIGHT keyboard sequences did not work

* Bug fix: Since the previous update, login script feature in portable mode did not work anymore

* Bug fix: mouse scrolling with a huge value in "Lines of scrollback" causes a crash

* Feature modification: new "port forwarding" information window

KiTTY : - New features and bug fixes

Cyd - Mar 19th, 2014

* Parts of the TuTTY patch is added

** you can now disable maximize, minimize and close button from system menu

** you can now select a different font for underline characters, and mouse selected characters

* A new comment field is added

* New mecanism for login script feature: the file content is loaded when the session is saved. The original file can now be deleted

* Bug fixe: the window in the task bar did not flash when receiving a BELL code

* New 0.63 big bang bug fix: key authentication without running agent did not work

KiTTY : - Happy new year

Cyd - Jan 10th, 2014

* Performance improvment in kitty.exe (patch

* Performance improvment in ksftp.exe (

* New feature: switch between KiTTY windows with CTRL+TAB

* New feature: the working directory, the config directory and the content of KITTY_PATH variable are appended to the PATH variable environment (used to search for third part softwares such as winscp.exe)

* New feature: search for the the configuration file in the KITTY_INI_FILE environment variable

* New patch integration: wincrypt (from to work with certificate

* bug fix: window title should not be set to cfg.wintitle value when restoring from task bar

* hyperlink patch is converted from C++ to C

KiTTY : - New features and bug fixes

Cyd - Oct 11th, 2013

* Add 64bits compatibility for the cygterm patch

* Add a new MouseShortcutsFlag option to disable mouse shortcuts

* Add a new AutoStoreSSHKeyFlag option (and a -auto_store_sshkey flag for klink) to auto save the server SSH keys

* Add the new version of regex library (memory leak issue with previous one)

* Fix the -cygterm command-line flag

* Fix a Zmodem patch issue

* Disable Hyperlink patch by default

KiTTY : - Bug fixes

Cyd - Sep 19th, 2013

* the logon script size was static (the buffer size was 4096). It is dynamic, now.

* the transparency setting panel was available even when the transparency option was off

* the KEYMAPPINGPORT patch ( is included

* at automatic telnet connection, the login was sent twice

KiTTY : & - 0.63 config structure big bang fixes

Cyd - Sep 4th, 2013


* bug: fix on hypertext link feature when the regex is empty (disable the function)

* bug: sessions with saved password could not be duplicated

* bug: memory leak fix in title/icon managment function

* bug: auto-command feature could not work in portable mode


* complete rewrite of the auto-command feature

* improvment of the sessions filter in the config box of the portable mode (with many saved sessions the filter was very slow)

* bug: fix in the command-line cygterm feature, the auto-command (last parameter) did not work

* bug: in some configurations, saved password feature made KiTTY crash

* bug: folders filter did not work where folder name cointains a slash character

KiTTY : - Major update, PuTTY 0.63 merge

Cyd - Aug 19th, 2013

After one year and a half of development, PuTTY team has just released a new official version on August 6th. It is a major version, due to the fact they rebuild completly the structure that manage the session settings ( Almost all the KiTTY modifications were affected by this change. That's why it took us two months to merge the source codes. But now you can get it.

Here are the other bug corrections and new features:

* in classic mode session name now bracket [...].

* new option "Full screen on startup" (in Window/Behavior panel).

* new transparency managment (Window/Background panel). Don't forget transparency is disabled by default.

* new icon for KiTTY session launcher

KiTTY : - A minor update just before a major one

Cyd - May 22th, 2013

* New feature: "Maximize on startup"

* Bug fix in portable mode: "folder" setting remained unchanged even if the session settings file was moved with windows explorer

* Bug fix in registry mode: "folder" setting could not be changed

A new version will be available very soon. It will be built from a recent PuTTY version.

KiTTY : - Spring version 2 (major bug fixes)

Cyd - March 26th, 2013

* Bug with absolute name in log file

* Bug with restore item menu in systray