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KiTTY : - Crash issue on ZModem patch

Cyd - Jun 18th, 2015

* bug fix: crashes when using ssh tunnels with the ZModem patch KiTTY version

* bug fix: remove unwanted characters in CTRL+TAB feature

KiTTY : - ZModem patch is back

Cyd - Jun 2nd, 2015

* ZModem patch is back

KiTTY : - minor fixes

Cyd - May 13th, 2015

* ne command-line option -auto_store_sshkey into klink, kscp, and ksftp tools, that allow to automatically store host keys

* bug fix: CTRL+TAB did not work with two windows only

* bug fix: program crash with very large password

* new feature: it's now possible to print forwarded ports list into windows title bar

KiTTY : - 0.64 PuTTY merge

Cyd - Mar 12th, 2015

* 0.64 PuTTY merge: Jump to PuTTY page to know the improvements made by PuTTY team. ZModem patch is not available anymore

* New feature: new option "Allow ACS line drawing in UTF". (

* New feature: new key mapping to manage comma ({VK_OEM_COMMA})

* New feature: new command-line option "-loginscript" to load a "login script file" at startup

* New feature: management of the Windows message WM_WTSSESSION_CHANGE (when user unlock the session). This message is not compatible with Windows XP anymore

* New feature: new time to manage anti-idle

* New feature: the SSH tunnels input box is bigger now

* Bug fix: in portable mode, it was not possible to save a session into another

* Bug fix: memory leak in Stetch+ function of the "background image" feature

* Bug fix: when resizing a windows, the refresh was done during all the process. Now it is made at the end of the resizing only

* Bug fix: in remote file recuperation (pscp integration feature) it was not possible to specify a non standard port

KiTTY : - Happy new year !

Cyd - Jan 20th, 2015

* New feature: new shortcut CTRL+PrintScreen to generate a screen copy

* Bug fix: crash into configuration box if Start button is pressed twice

* Bug fix: modification of the delay in automatic reconnection on network failure and system wakeup

KiTTY : - New hyperlink patch port

Cyd - Nov 26th, 2014

The Hyperlink patch from NuTTY ( was included into KiTTY a long time ago.

This patch was "buggy" !

* the specific regular expression management functions have a memory leak

* the default regex was not right

In certain conditions, software crashes may occur.

We finally decided to rewrite the regex management functions, using GNU libregex.a library. In the same time we modify the default regex with a more efficient once.

We also provide a new option -hyperlinkfix to generate a .reg file in order to change the regex in all sessions settings for people who save the previous buggy one.

Beside these modification we also fix some minor issues:

* bug fix: "Window has Close button" option did not work at startup, but only after reconfiguration

* bug fix: into registry file kitty.sav (auto saving of the KiTTY registry content), REG_DWORD type fields were not saved correctly

KiTTY : - Memory leak fix

Cyd - Oct 29th, 2014

* Bug fix: memory leak into auto-password management feature

* New feature: pause can be included into port knocking sequence

KiTTY : - Windows Seven improvment

Cyd - Oct 17th, 2014

* New feature: jumplist managment in portable mode

* Patch integration:

* Improvment: it is not possible to create a folder called "Default" anymore

* Bug fix: forcer l'option -scp au lancement de la commande pscp (int?gration avec scp)

* Bug fix: anti-deconnection delay modifcation

* Bug fix: the property Window/Colours/Indicate bolded text by changing was not saved

* Bug fix: memory leak fix when closing configuration box in a running session

KiTTY : - Minor bugs fixes

Cyd - Sep 8th, 2014

* New option -kload is now available in plink.exe

* New default regex to try to avoid memory leak in hyperlink patch

* New pre-build binary without hyperlink patch

* "No ini file" message is now removed from klink.exe (portable mode)

* Bug fix: password entred interactively was not saved into configuration settings structure

* Bug fix: -pass option did not work anymore (from version)

KiTTY : & - Major release with new features

Cyd - Aug 26th, 2014

* new feature: password, now can be empty in SSH protocol

* new feature: mouse events are disabled in protected mode (ctrl+F9)

* new feature: new menu item "Export current settings" to save the running session settings into a .ktx file

* new feature: new "-kload" command-line option to load a session from a .ktx file

* new feature: new "-fileassoc" command-line option to associate .ktx files with KiTTY

* new feature: password field are now encrypted in memory config structure

* bug fix: PSCP.exe path was not detected in portable mode (even if set in kitty.ini file)

* bug fix: in background image patch, memory leak in strech function

* bug fix: memory leak error in internal command feature

* bug fix: in hyperlink patch, user-made regex was not used, and replace by default one

* bug fix: HyperlinkRegularExpression setting was written twice in session file in portable mode

* hyperlink patch is disabled by default (suspected memory leak into the external regex library)

* ... and back to the original icon