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KiTTY : - Italic font support

Cyd - November 28th, 2018

* new feature: add italic font support

KiTTY : - Quick fix

Cyd - May 30th, 2018

* bug fix: shortcuts replacement for Font changes (CTRL+SHIFT to CTRL only)

* new feature: new shortcut CTRL+ALT+t to duplicate session

KiTTY : - MinGW update

Cyd - May 28th, 2018

* bug fix: crash in portable mode when trying to remove a session already deleted (with windows explorer)

* bug fix: pscp/plink integration with -2 parameter forced (SSH-2 Only)

* bug fix: in portable mode Default%20Settings session, is created on configuration box start only

* bug fix: parameter -auto_store_sshkey is modified to -auto-store-sshkey

* bug fix: -nofiles option shows error message when no kitty.ini file present

* bug fix: shortcuts CTRL + PLUS/MINUS works only once

* new feature: new shortcut CTRL+0 to restore initial font size

* new feature: new "-edit filename" option to open a file into the embedded editor

* new feature: new readonly parameter to prevent any configuration file modification

* new compiler: MinGW 6.3

KiTTY : - 0.70 PuTTY merge

Cyd - Jun 1st, 2017

* 0.70 PuTTY version merge

* Re-activation of the menu item "print clipboard" on 64 bits machines

* Start button improvment

KiTTY : - Patches updates

Cyd - Jun 1st, 2017

* Nouvelle feature: proxy managment into WinSCP integration

* Patch update: PuTTYWinCrypt (

* Patch update: pageant-confirm_with_condition_coded_comment_20150805.diff (

* Bug fix: -cygterm option generate crash when cygterm flag is set to no in kitty.ini configuration file

* New option in kitty.ini configuration file: "messageonkeyusage" in "Agent" section to send notification on private key usage

* New option in kitty.ini configuration file: "askconfirmation" in "Agent" section to manage confirmation on private key usage (on=always; off=never; auto=based on "comment")

KiTTY : - 0.69 PuTTY merge

Cyd - May 24th, 2017

* merge with PuTTY 0.69

* new feature: new option to disable winrol

* bug fix: launcher - in case of explorer crash and restart, icon in system tray did not redraw

KiTTY : - Crash dumps fix

Cyd - Mar 15th, 2017

* New version of UPX (Ultimate Packer for eXecutables): 3.93

* bug bix: crash in "New session" menu item

KiTTY : - 0.68 PuTTY merge

Cyd - Mar 12th, 2017

* merge with the 0.68 PuTTY version

* new menu item "Clear log file"

KiTTY : - Big fix

Cyd - Feb 5th, 2017

* bug fix: in some cases, save password feature generates crashes under Windows 10

* bug fix: new random function in icons choice to avoid same icon if two sessions are started in the same second

* bug fix: in some cases, uncompressed version can crash

* bug fix: the "print clipboard" menu item is removed in 64 bits system

* improvment: new 0-9 icons

* improvment: many compilation warning are removed

KiTTY : - FreeBSD feature

Cyd - Jan 4th, 2017

* bug fix: merge issue (in ssh.c) with 0.67-20160922 putty version

* new feature: new patch "add FreeBSD home and end keyboard handling":