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KiTTY : 0.71

Last modification : 2019/05/22 09:20

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Informations about KiTTY 0.71

KiTTY adventure started in 2004. During all these years many features were integrated.
  • some of them, especially written for KiTTY
  • some others are third part patches that were adapted to fit to KiTTY: RuTTY, TuTTY, PuTTYCrypt...
Each time new PuTTY was released, I've tried to merge all KiTTY features into new version.
Sometimes it was easy, sometime not !

In the past, 0.63 version was a very big revolution. All session settings management were modified. It took a long time to follow that major upgrade.

Now we face the same situation. The gap between 0.70 and 0.71 PuTTY version is huge:
  • new settings managment evolution
  • ssh core almost fully rewritten
  • Windows core functions were rewritten too
  • ...
Of course I've stated to work on it, and some features are already available. Search for beta version at fosshub.

How can you help me

First I need help to test the first beta versions. You can check for classical features, and test if they are still working as usual: auto-command, auto-password, auto-reconnect, transparency, port knocking, hyperlink, print clipboard, embedded launcher, TuTTY features, RuTTY features, system tray ...
Don't hesitate to contact me if you discover something wired.

I already realized that some third part patches were completely broken:
  • PuTTYCrypt patch to get credentials from certificate (sshpubk.c merge fails)
  • PuTTYCyg to run a Cygwin terminal into KiTTY
  • Zmodem to transfer files with ZModem protocol
  • covidimus patch for background image, I know, it is completely useless ... but I really like it (window.c merge fails)
Portability patch was completely rewritten.

I you feel fearless enough to try to adapt them, it will be a great relief if you could help me.
KiTTY source code is available at Github.

Older KiTTY versions (especially still remain available at fosshub.