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KiTTY : Command-line options

Last modification : 2015/12/10 18:51

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In KiTTY some new command-line options are available:
  • -classname: to define a specific class name for the window
  • -cmd: to define a startup auto-command
  • -convert-dir: convert registry settings to savemode=dir mode
  • -convert-reg: backup session settings from savemode=dir mode to registry
  • -edit: edit the settings of a session
  • -fileassoc: associate .ktx files with KiTTY
  • -folder: directly open a specific folder (for savemode=dir mode only)
  • -fullscreen: start directly in full screen mode
  • -keygen: start the integrated ssh key generator
  • -kload: load a .ktx file (that contains session settings)
  • -launcher: start the session launcher
  • -log: create a log file
  • -loginscript: load a login script file
  • -nobgimage: to disable background image feature
  • -noctrltab: disable CTRL+TAB feature
  • -nofiles: disable the creation of default ini file if it does not exist
  • -noicon: disable icons support
  • -noshortcuts: disable all shortcuts
  • -notrans: disable Transparency support
  • -nozmodem: disable ZModem support
  • -pass: set a password
  • -putty: disable with one option all KiTTY new features
  • -runagent: start the integrated SSH agent
  • -send-to-tray: start a session directly in the system tray (useful for SSH tunnels)
  • -sendcmd: to send a command to all windows with the same class name
  • -sshhandler: create protocols associations (telnet://, ssh://) for internet explorer
  • -title: set a window title
  • -version: only open the about box
  • -xpos: to set the initial X position
  • -ypos: to set the initial Y position
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