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KiTTY : Logon script

Last modification : 2015/03/06 09:58

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It is possible to automate some actions depending on what characters are sent by the server and printed to the screen. It's a sort of challenge response. For example it is possible to automate connection on telnet servers.
You have to create a simple text file with one line for expected characters and another line for text to send ... and so on.

Example: telnet connection where login and password are sent automatically:

Then you just have to set the full path to this file in the Connection/Data tab of the configuration box. The encrypted content of the file will be saved only. And after that you can delete the original file.

Last remark: don't forget it can't work with ssh authentication. Ssh is not a passive protocol (like telnet), and with ssh, authentication is completely part of the protocol

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