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Last modification : 2019/05/22 12:02

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If you are interested in PuTTYCyg features, we have ported them into the KiTTY software.
This feature is broken in 0.71 version.

To activate these features, download and unzip the PuTTYCyg patch into the same directory where you put KiTTY:
- PuTTYCyg patch for Cygwin 1.5
- PuTTYCyg patch for Cygwin 1.7
- PuTTYCyd patch for Cygwin 64bits 1.7
- PuTTYCyd patch for Cygwin 64bits 2009.0.0.0

Then add these two lines to your %APPDATA%/KiTTY/kitty.ini configuration file:

A new option CtHelperPath is added to point the complete path to the cthelper.exe file (which now can be included into the Cygwin binary directory: C:\Cygwin\bin).
In 64 bits mode, don't forget to check this option in Connection/Cygwin panel.

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