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KiTTY : The session launcher

Last modification : 2016/04/26 18:00

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In order to replace in Pageant the function that allows you to launch a saved session, but without any menu or sub-menu, a launcher was integrated into KiTTY. To start this launcher just run KiTTY from the command line with the -launcher parameter.
kitty.exe -launcher

The software will start in the system tray as a new icon like this:

Sessions are organized into menus and sub-menus, corresponding to the folders. The sub-menu separator is the backslash character \.

The menu tree is saved in registry key [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\KiTTY\Launcher]. By default, this key is reloaded from the saved sessions each time the Launcher starts. However you can choose to organize the menu yourself by modifying the registry key. To do that you must disable the automatic reload by adding these two lines in your kitty.ini file:

An Opened sessions menu is available to hide/unhide some running sessions. The sessions will completely disappear from the desktop and the task bar. This is useful when there are too many sessions running at the same time.

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