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KiTTY : Chat

Last modification : 2015/12/29 15:15

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A light command-line chat server is hidden in KiTTY. To activate it open your registry editor to [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\\KiTTY] key, and create a new REG_SZ type value called 'chat' and containing '1'.

Then put that library just near your kitty.exe file.

When launching the first KiTTY session, the chat server will automatically start. To connect the server and begin a chat session, create a passive telnet session at localhost:1987 (1987 is the port number). Of course you can start your chat session in the same KiTTY where you create the server (i.e. the first KiTTY window).

As it's not easy to have keyboard input and screen output on the same window, you can start a new dedicated input-box by pressing the CTRL+F8 keys.

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