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KiTTY : Send to tray

Last modification : 2015/03/06 09:58

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When you use KiTTY to run long background batches, or when KiTTY is just used to open SSH tunnels (with or without remote shell), you can move the window to the Windows system tray (the zone in the bottom-right corner of the screen). There are several ways to do this.

To create a session that runs directly in the system tray on startup

To create a session that starts directly in the system tray select the "Send to tray on startup" option in the Window/Behaviour panel of the configuration box.

To move an open session into the system tray

To move a session that is already open into the system tray:
  • select Send to tray item from main menu
  • or press CTRL+F6 two keys
  • or press CTRL key, then click on left mouse button and point then Minimize button of the window

To run from the command-line

When running from the command-line, you can start a session directly in the system tray. Just use the option -send-to-tray.

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