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Launching KiTTY from WinSCP

arisus - Thu 10/03/2011 15:00:04 CET +0100

There's an option to run PuTTY from within WinSCP (by pressing CTRL+p). See screenshot:

...but when I replace putty.exe with kitty.exe (or even kitty.exe renamed to putty.exe) I only get the main KiTTY logon window (not the session). Is this a bug ? is kitty parsing the parameters differently ? or maybe I'm doing something wrong ?

Note: I'm not talking about "launching WinSCP from KiTTY" but the other way around.

arisus - Tue 15/03/2011 00:51:22 CET +0100

Guess what ? I WAS doing it wrong.

The problem was that KiTTY is using a different key in the windows registry to store its settings.

For PuTTY you have:

For KiTTY it's

So in order to launch a KiTTY session straight from WinSCP(portable) you need to edit WinSCP.ini

Just browse for the line:
and replace it with:

For the non-portable version of WinSCP the value is probably set somewhere in the windows registry.

elyasali - Tue 14/06/2011 18:12:16 CEST +0200

PuttyRegistryStorageKey keeps getting overwritten. Looking into it.

scott - Tue 11/12/2012 21:43:49 CET +0100

Hi guys - would be great if this works - would be nice to use KiTTY for everything

Cyd - Wed 12/12/2012 07:36:13 CET +0100

It works fine


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