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Last modification : 2013/01/26 19:19


...on this wiki

Here is the PumaWiki presentation web site.
Follow this link to find the PumaWiki help page, explaining all the syntax. Don't hesitate to make many essais to became familiar with it.

PumaWiki is inspired of TigerWiki. It keeps its major features. PumaWiki is:
    • simple (no need of database, all informations are saved into flat txt files)
    • light (23ko for the main script index.php)
    • easy customizable (the presentation is entierely stored into two configuration files respecting CSS norms: template.html et style css)
    • easy configurable (there is only one configuration file to modify: _config.php)
    • compatible with several alphabets (pages can be written with UTF-8 encoding)
Into PumaWiki you will discover new useful features:
    • Themes managment, to change with only one mouse click, all the presentation of the web site
    • Zones managment, to divide your site into many sub-domains reached throught the same URL. You can use this feature to create wikifarm or to want to translate your site into several languages (as you can see here).
    • Stats managment, to keep a log of every visit
    • Upload managment, to permit visitors to upload files into the pages they modify.
PumaWiki is also easy to install. After downloading the source zip file, follow these instructions to configure your wiki.

If it even does not work, don't hesitate to inform us, filling this form. We will answer you as soon as it possible.

Have fun !